Spiral Finned Tubes (Fintubes)

Designed and Fabricated with Precision for Your Heat Recovery System


Fintubes (or finned tubes) are a major component of any heat recovery system. To deliver maximum heating performance and efficiency, HRSG fintubes require complex custom designs and precision fabrication capabilities.

At Chanute Manufacturing, our premium fintubes are meticulously produced to exact customer specifications, designed from the ground up for flawless fit, functionality and reliability.

Our Precision Fintube Fabrication Process

Our custom fabrication facility utilizes two high-frequency resistance welding machines. The component’s fin, either solid or serrated, is helically wound around the tube and resistance welded. Bending, on the bare tube or over the fin, is performed on-site with custom designed duplex benders.


Custom Engineered and Manufactured from Premium Metals and Alloys

Our fintubes are fabricated from quality metals with application-specific optimizations in both cost and performance.

  • Carbon
  • Alloy
  • Stainless Steel
CFT Operrator

Dedicated to Precision Fintube Production Since 1992

In 1992, the shareholders of Optimus and TFT (“Tulsa Fin Tube”) formed CFT for the express purpose of manufacturing resistance welded fintubes. CFT’s manufacturing facility is located adjacent to Chanute Manufacturing’s plant. The close proximity of the finning operation and the manufacturing plant allows significant savings in packaging and freight as well as working capital reduction as a result of “just-in-time” scheduling.

Your Single-Source Manufacturer of Quality Fintubes and Other Precision HRSG Components

Chanute Manufacturing is America’s leading provider of precision-fabricated spiral finned tubes for industrial heat recovery systems. Backed by over 40 years of manufacturing expertise in the heat transfer and steam generation sector, we offer a premium range of fintubes and other HRSG components compatible with virtually all popular OEM systems used throughout the industry.

Contact our engineering experts to discuss the custom specs and performance requirements of your heat recovery equipment.

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